The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Greetings! I can see this is going to be quite a journey perhaps for thee but particularly for me. I’m a Writer, an Artist and love explorations into how people operate that is, what makes them tick in this chaotic world. And I love travel and things of great antiquity. So, with full honesty, I’ve started up this site with hopes of a following as I launch into the next steps of submitting to a literary agent, my manuscript: “A Greek Matinée”.

Initially I thought it would be amusing to have a site of my own. Now I see like-minds can meet in this technological leap. My plan was to follow two themes: Expanding Our Brains (note first person plural as it’s friendlier than second and/or singular – What do you reckon?!) in a light-hearted vein and some sort of references to my writings which soon (I’m forever the optimist!) will become “a published Book” which in turn will elevate me to the status, “Author”.

At the moment I’m stuck on the cognomen “Writer” for that is what I am and was – I wrote for small newspapers, some glossies, pottery magazines and compiled manuals for large engineering projects. And always, I scribbled away at short stories, peculiar verse, some lengthier things and revelled in a then-local group: Writers’ Ink. Then circumstances changed. I changed countries (really, returned to the country of my birth and state of my schooling), mode of living and now focus on “A Greek Matinée”.

Thank you for visiting my site. I’ll be thrilled to hear your comments and win your following.

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PS: Apologies if you can’t find the Like Button, it does work successfully on other pages of my site such as A Few Manuscript Reader Comments and Some Books and Stuff Pored over for A Greek Matinée 

A Greek Matinee is Contemporary Fiction set mainly in Greece. The manuscript for this work is ready for a Literary Agent. I travelled to Greece to immerse in things most Ancient, walk streets and pathways of our “cradle of western culture”. In preparation I’d attempted to learn to read Ancient Greek (Attic). What a thrill when I actually recognised some bits of inscriptions! I’d swum in the Mediterranean Sea too! Seen Poseidon in a whirling fury soaring to the sky.

2021 October 11: Ahah! once again the Like Button is operating but only apparently for WordPress Account holders.

Tech Saga Continues
Tech Saga

2021 October 15: But the Follow still does not trigger (nor Like, nor Comment) for someone using their smart phone and does not have a WordPress Account.

  • Try:
  • 1. fill in email address (for security – it does not show to the public – and so that you can be notified of a new item I have “posted”).
  • 2. Click Follow
  • 3. Check your email for the Confirm button which you click.
  • = Three steps 🙂
  • If someone succeeds, please tell me how you did it ! 🙂

Another way might be:

  • click Like
  • it will ask you to log in (presumably with WordPress) OR, it should give the option, to log in with a different account (presumably something like Facebook, Twitter or whatever it may offer). This, I’d say is a security thing.
  • If you succeed there, move on to Follow.
  • Maybe first write a Comment (you have to fill in certain * details) and then it also probably will ask you to log in as above. Then try Follow.
  • As a new Follower, you probably will have to Confirm.
  • Again, if someone succeeds, please tell me how you did it ! 🙂

Some Reader Comments are below:

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