A Greek Matinée is born

A Writer Emerging with A Contemporary Tale aswim curious things.

As I explored my experiences in Greece to continue researching a tale, I realised that hey! I’m no teenager off on the Grand Tour, not even middle-aged but perhaps already in the matinée of my life. Early Autumn. Early afternoon. And so the title A Greek Matinée was born. Matinée? An afternoon’s entertainment.

I love the smell of books, the feel of them in my hands. I can turn pages back to a great turn of phrase or idea I marked with a satin ribbon.

To read some Manuscript-Reader comments thus far, click.

I’m still on a great learning curve to set this site up. I do hope you like it, perhaps even find something helpful as you negotiate your own paths.

Currently I’m re-organising and setting up an Index.

A little secret for you, A Greek Matinée is Literary Fiction with strong elements of Mythology and Unstable Minds.

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Author: agreekmatinee

My interests and playtime: Writing, Reading, Swimming in the Sea, Gardening, Art: painting, drawing, printmaking (intaglio, lino cut, woodcut); Travel, Ancient History, Archaeology, Exploration, playing Chess, Family, Friends, chili in my tea

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