Expanding Our Brains ii

Ah! Perhaps today my brain truly is expanding! After a lovely swim in the ocean…

Ah! Perhaps today my brain truly is expanding! After a lovely swim in the ocean, I tried to digest about meta-tags. They’re those secret words in the html code specifically designed for search engines. I do wonder however, if I’ve got them right! But I had a great swim. The ocean’s calmed. And today, absolutely heavenly. I even managed fifty strokes against the current and easy fifty with it. Backstroke: I have to keep my eyes peeled in case the Hydra – `Υδρα – comes, you know, that nine-headed water-serpent monster-offspring of Poseidon and Ekhidne; in case Herakles’ penance has not been entirely detailed, his penance for killing his wife and children in a fit of madness conspired by the vengeful queen of heaven, Great Goddess, Hera, wife and sister of mighty Zeus. But hey, the water was gorgeous with good breaks between waves which I tried to body-surf – except for the ones kids screamed, yelled and bellowed out (depending on age), ‘No! No! (scream) Under! Under!’ Gulp. Plunge. Crest high. True fun in the sun.


Author: agreekmatinee

My interests and playtime: Writing, Reading, Swimming in the Sea, Gardening, Art: painting, drawing, printmaking (intaglio, lino cut, woodcut); Travel, Ancient History, Archaeology, Exploration, playing Chess, Family, Friends, chili in my tea

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