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A Greek Matinée on the brink! Contemporary Fiction. As wind whips in through my open door I must discipline not to touch Dostoevsky nor Péter Esterházy until…

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 As a story of loss and recovery, A Greek Matinée embraces motifs of Descent – Search – Ascent as it plots amongst ruins, legends, tourists, smugglers, secretive manoeuvres and an ageing woman.

Without being a spoiler, I quote from the Manuscript when Camille is talking of Goddess Demeter and Persephoné: ‘There are three phases here. One, Descent. Two, Search. Three, Ascent.’


♦   A Few Manuscript Reader Comments   •  here’s a comment from one of my beta-readers: “A Greek Matinée, I can’t put it down … The archaeological sites enable the past and present to entwine. Females are empowered.” – click this item to read more 😀

 ♦  Beta-Readers   •  ensure you’ve had a good selection of beta-readers before submitting your work to an agent. Consider…

♦  My Genre   •  A Greek Matinée is set in contemporary times with characters who are thrown together on a journey, swivelling through personal and social problems. Boundaries are extended to…

♦  AGM QUESTIONS – Can you help?   •  In the past, Titanide (daughter of Sky and Earth) `Ρέα was translated from original Ancient Greek to Latin then to English as Rhea BUT because a rough-breathing aspirant precedes the rho, should that not read Hrea?…

♦  A Greek Matinée is born 

The Romance:  The working title of my manuscript is A Greek Matinée.

“Matinée” is a play on an afternoon’s light entertainment, perhaps made heavier with dramas; the matinée of a political era or endeavour; maybe, the matinée of one’s life before eventide ambushes.

The genre of A Greek Matinée is Contemporary Fiction but skirts Road Fiction, an American coining. According to WorldCat Genres, Road Fiction is used for works in which a journey as a life-changing experience is a central part of the action. 

Hey! When A Greek Matinée is published (I’m perpetually The Optimist), travel to Greece without leaving your seat amidst undercurrents of something sinister, flirts with danger, psychological shifts and historically held views unashamedly questioned. Or, maybe A Greek Matinée will be a book for you to tuck in your pocket as you tread where ancients trod, debated, sang praises, tripped with beauty, comedy and tragedy.

Ece Temelkuran’s Women Who Blow on Knots, a fearless tale of female solidarity during the Arab Spring is Road Fiction. And I elect Péter Esterházy’s The Glance of Countess Hahn-Hahn (down the Danube) although it’s down a river but one aspect of the story is the young boy on a life-changing experience travelling with his distant-uncle.

and next are the Tattlings afterwhich you may want to jump to Péter Esterházy, even to Lela (a true story). Jump Buttons are at the bottom of Tattlings just before Writing Prescriptions; but one’s here, just in case…

A Greek Matinée is a story of loss and recovery.

Tattlings – Backwards Order:  

Ψ 2021 November 21  Into my stable I’ve wonderfully gained another Beta-Reader, a get-up-and-go lady who surprised me with her proclamation that she’s an avid reader, is caught up by my brief, wants to read on. Oh, Happy Day! And her friend who overheard our talk, volunteered also, another avid reader with keen interest in history. Thank you so much 🙂

Ψ 2021 November 01  I’ve become fanatical. And I’ve moved rooms to where I can recline on the daybed with one hand on the manuscript, the other hovering by keys, a pencil or grabbing fresh-brewed tea steaming by Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Demons. The computer’s now on a wooden-seated high-stool next to me whose legs stretch out on a Tibetan blanket-cum-poncho draped over the camel-patterned mattress cover of the daybed. My eyes scan for a better turn of phrase, Subjectivity, or something that could well be deleted. Yes, I went back to earlier chapters although two weeks ago I mentioned I had but three chapters to go to the end of this round of fine-toothcombing. I’ve caught up. Now I have two to go!

A change of room has proved a good idea. The front door is open allowing wind to whip in. I must discipline not to touch Dostoevsky until done, nor Péter  Esterházy. But I will go out with a friend for coffee on Friday to discuss books!

Q: Do I or don’t I include the Appendices originally determined worth their salt?

Ψ 2020 February 01 Manuscript Margins for A Greek Matinée are now set at 30mm. Hummm, that shoots up the pages – just as the Appendices shot up the overall wordcount! I play with words in my old version of Word because Word ’97 is logically organised unlike Word 10 which I find a beast to use and seems untameable. When I need to put the manuscript into a pdf format (for a Pre-sub Reader) I copy the document onto a flash drive, take it away from my isolated laptop (best firewall – Old Faithful never goes on the internet) and plug it into the modern machine to suck the file into that hideous-but-sometimes-very-useful-program which can save it to a mod pdf file. Of course I then have to scan the flash-drive to ensure no virus has infected the carrier pigeon!

Ψ 2020 late January A surprise discovery at “The Museum” after checking out Spiders – The Exhibition! Click Fossils to see what these are – already an element in A Greek Matinée (even before I went to Greece to feed this tale).

Ψ 2020 Am I truly ready to float my baby? Carmel magnificently completed her reading, made good suggestions and challenged the grammar of some of my “sub” clauses!

Ψ 2019 is closing fast! But hey! Carmel is now reading my manuscript.  A great surprise when she asked me if I’d like her to do so. Thanks a mill Carmel! I’m so pleased I joined the Ancient Civilisations classes with you and Yuri our good leaders! Throughly enjoyed being enlightened about Egypt then passing through Greece and now, Rome. How time flies when we’re doing what we enjoy … delving deeper with our curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Ψ And now it’s 2019. A mighty thank  you to Robin who for the second time has read hardcopy of the full manuscript and discussed it variously over coffee. THANK YOU so much Robin for that and particularly asking me this year if I’d like you to read it again (that second time). I still tremble at having made a few spelling errors and a convoluted sentence or two = thanks so much for picking them up!

And thanks to Julia, my ALPHA-READER, for your full reading and comments (happy fishing!). And Nicole, Deanne, Irene and Sally for your various readings of bundles along the way. All so encouraging. I’m indebted to you.

Last year:
And now, A Greek Matinee revisited this April is posted (hummm, flipped, emailed, sent) to friends. What will they say? What will they think of it?

Of course I think it’s a good read and very much would have liked this work of fiction to companion me as I travelled in Greece nineteen months’ ago. Eccentric, yes. Challenges thinking? Yes. And with undercurrents of something sinister afoot, it is loaded with mythology that swings travelling-characters into edgy exchanges, psychological shifts and singular events some, flirting danger..

Lela seemed paranoiac, as if a Party-State black Volga would edge down the street, pull-in close, from its curtained interior a chill-complexioned thug make for…
A Writing Prescription:  

♦  Words Carefully Chosen 

  marvel at♦  Sentences  ♦   Images  ♦  Considerations ♦  Insight ♦ 

  ♦  Examine each movement, action, trait  What motivation behind each character? What drives them?  Linking past, present, future ♦  Foreboding  ♦  Tension ♦  Intensity, insight, expression (Pear M22 III) ♦  Beauty ♦ 

  ♥   Each ChapterFind Beating Heart  ♥



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