A Few Manuscript Reader Comments

“A Greek Matinee, I can’t put it down … The archaeological sites enable the past and present to entwine. Females are empowered.” comment from a beta-reader.

The Journey Well In Hand.

In this Log for your interest, I’ve placed some comments from my Alpha-Reader and some Beta-Readers. Currently I’m super-fine-toothcombing my manuscript. Do I move on to Gamma-Scrutineers? Or are they too, Beta-Readers, third wave of pre-submission readers?

* After reading just the first page of A Greek Matinée (that was before the manuscript gained a preceding “Preamble”), Nicole said she liked it as it gives good idea of what the story will embrace. Particles immediately got me interested and having read the first 16 pages I want to read more”. Nicole is a down-to-earth, strong-minded young woman.

* Carmel, retired university lecturer of sociology, throughout her complete reading kept saying: “I can’t put it down … The archaeological sites enable the past and present to entwine. Females are empowered ” and suggested I include a map. Her husband said she’d disappear with the manuscript for hours! We still tango with “sub” clauses!

* Robin, a retired General Practitioner who read a late manuscript of A Greek Matinée a year after an early draft (on his request! 🙂 ) also enjoyed the story and said Chapter Of Teeterings and Toasts is a “good sharp hit”. He also said that first page Particles is a good addition… and we had heaps of discussions and going over notes together – he even caught me out on several spelling mistakes and grammar! Mighty efforts! Thanks a million Robin. His wife interestingly said their grandson would want to read it also!

* Others too including my daughter (who suggested I change the earlier working title Anna Amongst the Gods – she “really” likes the new one A Greek Matinée) have been so supportive and encouraging giving positive feedback and suggestions.

* And Julia! my Alpha-Reader! with our long discussions over home-brewed coffee! In her notes she’d written: “I want to read on – I am now at home with Anna and enjoy her thoughts and plans.” After her full manuscript reading Julia wrote: “It is a good read and believable“.

* And Beatrice whose first language is not English, read aloud early chapters to me bringing up a few issues to address. A very interesting exercise to hear someone read their “baby” to them – particularly with a robust accent.

* And Deane, retired teacher/Headteacher at coffee and cake, “really” likes the title and says it gets her interested. Deane also suggested certain commas!

* And Em.Prof. Bob says not to forget to invite him to the launch! Bob had helped me with some of the Greek. Any mistakes are entirely my own.

 How lucky I am to have such support from all these people. Dearly I treasure each of you. Thank you.




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5 thoughts on “A Few Manuscript Reader Comments”

  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for your feedback and also for including our ancient civilisations class.

    I will happily discuss A.S Byatts Possession. It is a long story why it moved me so much.

    Go well, Carm

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  2. I am thrilled to be an early reader of A Greek Matinee. The author A.S. Byatt also writes using complex historical and philosophical themes in a manner that encourages the reader to be totally engaged in the story.

    Dr Carmel Desmarchelier 15 January 2020.

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