Golden Orb-Weaver & Jumping Spider

Golden Orb-Weaver Nephila spp. can be as large as an adult human hand. The silk is strong. Jumping Spiders Salticidae have excellent eyesight and can turn their heads to look at objects

Spider 20200331-42J1 650H

March 2020 I found this beautiful creature with its remarkable golden web in my garden. Never before had I seen a golden web! What a natural treasure. I wonder what she ate apart from her mate whose carcass dangles out of these shots.

Here’s a closeup:

Spider 20200331-42J1cl 650H
and another angle of Golden Orb-Weaver Nephila spp. which can be as large as an adult human hand. The silk is strong.
Spider 20200331-42J2 650H


Jumping Spider  Salticidae

This Jumping Spider was on my door-screen frame.
There are about 800 known species in Australia and
apparently probably as many unknown.
They jump onto passing prey and have excellent eyesight.
And… wait for it! … they can turn their heads to look at objects!
And look at the funny little toes it’s got!Spider 20200306-42J1 and 1a 650H Salticidae




Author: agreekmatinee

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9 thoughts on “Golden Orb-Weaver & Jumping Spider”

  1. Mmmm. Think I saw the Golden Orb web/s at Norfolk Island, situated along the path while walking to a café at rear. It was obvious that this was their home and tourists had to skirt their territory. – G

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  2. Greetings Elizabeth,

    Trust you to find such delights in the garden. The gold web is beautiful and the deceased mate is part of life’s tapestry. Also, the toes are cute.

    We are fine and it is a sunny day so shall do some washing. What will you find in the garden today?

    C and J.

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  3. Cool. So you are saying that normally spiders are not able to turn their heads? I never knew this. Never really considered it either.

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