Tech Prob: Follow from Phone not triggering

Getting to the bottom of the Follow Button not triggering

Ah hah! 2021 November 30 ● The pink form at bottom of In Wet Sands – Ebbs and Flows works! Email address does not show to public. It’s a security thing for your access to become a Follower, give a Like, leave a Comment. Welcome, I look forward to your following. THANKS 😀 and remember your password!

(see also Tech Prob: Follow Button not triggering posted a week before this)

The problem appears to be for non-Wordpress Account holders.

Please what are the steps for a phone user to become a follower of my site?

Today a friend and I tried to sort out the problem. We even tried a simple Like.

But the screen kept requesting input of a password.

Please, what is the procedure? (simple steps 🙂

To become a Follower we tried:

  1. enter email address
  2. click (touch) Follow
  3. check email for Confirm

all to no avail.

Friend tried also to leave a comment.

Is there a nonTechnophobe who can advise?

Does a potential Follower have to action from an account they belong to like Twitter, Istagram, Reddit e.g.?


Several more possibilities yet to be tried by someone who is not yet a Follower of a site on WordPress: Please click

Continuing Tech Saga




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