Storms & Magpies

A poem in the rain as a baby huddled on a frond inches from the sodden ground

After such a dry spell.
Big trees fell
…And a baby too young to fly but
bigger than either parent whose songs made me cry.


Author: agreekmatinee

My interests and playtime: Writing, Reading, Swimming in the Sea, Gardening, Art: painting, drawing, printmaking (intaglio, lino cut, woodcut); Travel, Ancient History, Archaeology, Exploration, playing Chess, Family, Friends, chili in my tea

2 thoughts on “Storms & Magpies”

    1. Thank you Colleen. It was such a wild day! I watched the family from my kitchen window, mama and papa squarking from the ground probably telling it to try to fly. Later it was sheltering amongst the hay spread in my herb garden. Next day it’s flight feathers seemed to have grown and the thick downy ones almost gone. Now I have a family of butcher-birds in my garden. They’re unafraid and perch on my windowsill and talk to me through the screen.


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