AGM QUESTIONS – Can you help?

In the past, Titanide (daughter of Sky and Earth) `Ρέα was translated from original Ancient Greek to Latin then to English as Rhea BUT because a rough-breathing aspirant preceeds the rho, should that not read Hrea?

In my manuscript I had (but no longer) opted for `Rea as that seemed better than Rhea. Now, ha ha! Hrea is the one. Verified by a Greek!, thank you Ces.

But I have more questions: regarding Gods, Goddesses and Greek Script

Do you agree, when in Greece to write and pronounce the names of gods as a Greek does?

Or do you subscribe to using the Anglicised Latin which was translated from the original Greek?

What is your opinion?

In my manuscript I was going to included six Appendices, one being of Olympian Gods and Goddesses with Greek script alongside and a note of who they are. Another was a glossary of yabba, colloquialisms, that may not be broadly known. Certainly one of my beta-readers did not know several terms that were common enough when I was young. That’s the advantage of having a broad range of pre-sub readers, they pick bumps and hollows. Mine range with a retired GP who has great understanding of the human condition and language-use, a bus-driver whose love of books saw her recording them for the blind, and regular folk. All are avid readers. All are avid readers. Some favour non-fiction histories but also enjoy good tales, others embrace the latter but take in marshmallow too. (click here to see some beta-reader comments)

Do you appreciate appendices?

The maps in Harry Sidebottom’s Warrior of Rome and timelines and glossaries in other books, I constantly referred to while I was reading.

If I were to include my appendices, the ms wordcount would push up by 5,000. Eeeek!

What is your opinion?

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