Painting – Sunday Afternoons

176 Sunday Afternoons no script 500pxH

Sunday Afternoons

1800 x 1200 mm (70.2” x 47.9”) (6’ x 4’)     Acrylic on Canvas

Location orientated “Sunday Afternoons” tells a tale inside/outside suggesting a regional lifestyle with significant freedoms through representation of nine or-so “religions” (including racing). The maritime flags and text on the whisky glasses, one upside-down exaggerating (or cancelling) the condition, help to emphasise aspects of choices. The little crab-boat and photograph hint at certain territorialism; the pelican contentment. This is an Award-winning painting (Sunshine Coast Festival).

# 176 Sunday Afternoons  Excerpt from :

Dale Marsh Review of Solo Exhibition “Bribie on the Sea – On and Off the Wall”

Elizabeth Woodfield is a painter of the mind rather than a painter of light, and the exhibition is powered by a feel for the haptic approach to art rather than a visual encounter with her subjects … Most notable paintings in the show were “Sunday Afternoons” a large narrative still-life work that is an intimate glimpse into the artist’s personal life, containing religious symbols and articles of every-day use … Overall, Bribie on the Sea – On and Off the Wall is an exhibition of exhilarating exploration of an intimate personal environment, deeply cherished.

Artist Comment

Like writing, Art is part of my identity. It gives fundamental meaning to life.

I paint for personal satisfaction, challenge and interest in the creative process. I like my paintings to suggest stories, incite a mood, perhaps present viewers with a mystery or conundrum. My people things are generally contextual and therefore I suppose a social record; my land/sea/creaturescapes idiosyncratic of the spirit of human beings.

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