Paintings 12+1+1 – A Suite of Hats

Like writing, Art is part of my identity. It gives fundamental meaning to life.

I paint for personal satisfaction, challenge and interest in the creative process. I like my paintings to suggest stories, incite a mood, perhaps present viewers with a mystery or conundrum. My people things are generally contextual and therefore I suppose a social record; my land/sea/creaturescapes idiosyncratic of the spirit of human beings.

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Her Hat Blew Across the Seas as if Looking for Me

0610 x 0460 mm (24” x 18”) Acrylic on Mdf Frame 0651 x 0508 mm (25¾” x 20”)

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Straw Hat in the Sunken Room

0295 x 0200 mm Pencil on Paper 110g

Regarding space around and about me.

Dinner’s Waiting IV

0210 x 0148 mm (8¼”x 5⅝”) Acrylic, India Ink on Paper Arches M 185g  Frame 0360 x 0410 mm

The flamboyance of colour and sheer exuberance of Rainbow lorikeets that constantly whizz through my garden and clamour in the high trees bordering Passage beaches just a short walk from my door cajole me to paint these fabulous birds in celebration of their spirit… and life. A Crabman in his little punt, hoping for a good catch, sets his pots in the shadow of curious mountains. Like songs stories weave into memory of days in a punt upon sunny seas while time warps old amongst leaves and blossoms on home shores far from wanderings worlds away, hats and hands aflap.

m2 102 103 AND Framed tit no size

Woman in Blue Hat at Beach          &          Woman in Blue Hat with Flowers

0255 x 0355 mm (10” x 14”) Acrylic on Paper Gallaria  Framed!  0400 x 0510 mm

Women sit, children play, men fish and the sun beats down upon the sands by the sea.

m3 455 010 AND Framed TITS no size

Her Hat Flew and Her Pearls Fell

0357 x 0306 mm (14” x 12”) Acrylic on Board Mdf  Frame 0425 x 0373 mm

Her Hat still travels the wind and seas and her pearls return to below the waves.

Her Hat Embarks on Voyagings of Discovery

0300 x 0210 mm (11¾” x 8¼”)  Acrylic on Paper Galeria Frame 0442 x 0315 mm

Her Hat takes to the air as if on a Mission.

m4 454 456 and Framed TITS no size

He Saw Her Hat Blow Away – Where is Lois White?

0305 x 0255 mm (12” x 10”) Acrylic on Board Mdf Frame 0373 x 0322 mm

He had Eyes only for Her Hat and the Sea.

Walking the Dog Her Hat Blew Away

0360 x 0280 mm (14” x 11”) Acrylic on Board Mdf  Frame 0428 x 0343 mm

Her hat begins its travels with the wind and seas.

m5 452 453 172 438 TITS no size

Eaten By A Fish

0600 x 0600 mm Acrylic on Canvas : Work in Progress

On a windy day her hat blew away like a high-minded adventurer across marvellous blue seas. She wondered what fate would be its and was sure no fish would wear it but could very well eat it for what other would a fish do?

Her Hat Blew Far Across Hills Beyond Time, Dinner and Me 

0600 x 0600 mm Acrylic on Canvas : Work in Progress

Adventurers and Explorers all then, now, ancient – post.

Bailer Shell with Hat and Jar

0610 x 0460 mm Acrylic on Canvas Frame 0636 x 0482 mm

Studying Picasso. Telling a story.

Her Hat Flutters with His Letters from Greece – She is Home Now Exploring Secrets of Life and Mark-Making

0600 x 0500 mm Acrylic on Canvas

m6 021 AND Framed TITS no siz mid 478h---

Her Hat Flies with the Gulls

0255 x 0200 mm (10” x 08”) Acrylic on Canvas-Covered Board Frame 0320 x 0267 mm

Her hat on its travels with the wind and seas plays with Gulls.

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