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Brain work and plunging into the deep with Aristophanes

 Expanding Our Brains  – bright fruit, leafy greens, walk and Aristophanes

 Expanding Our Brains iiMeta-Tags and the Ocean

 Expanding Our Brains iii Frogs Aristophanes Frogs Βάτραχοι. Don’t you just love him? – Brain Food

 Expanding Our Brains iv Ken  – a puzzle

 ♦ Jumping with Hoopsoh those Meta-Tags and Keywords – learning computer stuff

and of course there’s reading BOOKS    Book Hop

and learning to read Egyptian Hieroglyphs or a foreign language particularly with unfamiliar script like Greek, or translating books by Ioana Pârvulescu or Dostoevesky or Ovid!

So where does  Anna and Freg, and Saving My Olive in a Gale fit?

What are you doing to keep those little brain cells jumping?


Time for a Cuppa

Beyond all madnesses … Poetics: poetic utterances or feelings.

On the front of a wave I hurtled to the shore rasped by sand under sunny skies. A stiff breeze tickled the sea and I rolled to my feet to dive back for more. How long can I keep this up? The years fly too fast, days subside to a peculiar past.

Urgency grabs me to sort photographs, paint pretty pictures and start a new book, master another unit of Attic Greek and dig a trench for shredded old manuscripts… but today beyond all madnesses, have a cuppa with a friend.

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Word for the Day:   Poetics: poetic utterances or feelings.


Expanding Our Brains iv Ken

No swimming today. Instead, banana with a Ken challenge: 1 to 6. I found this scribbled on a scrap of paper from yonks ago. Can you master it? Given number with operator is the result of your input within heavy outlined cell group; each full line / column must contain 1 to 6 in any order with no repeats.

Ken 1-6

Expanding Our Brains ii

Ah! Perhaps today my brain truly is expanding! After a lovely swim in the ocean…

Ah! Perhaps today my brain truly is expanding! After a lovely swim in the ocean, I tried to digest about meta-tags. They’re those secret words in the html code specifically designed for search engines. I do wonder however, if I’ve got them right! But I had a great swim. The ocean’s calmed. And today, absolutely heavenly. I even managed fifty strokes against the current and easy fifty with it. Backstroke: I have to keep my eyes peeled in case the Hydra – `Υδρα – comes, you know, that nine-headed water-serpent monster-offspring of Poseidon and Ekhidne; in case Herakles’ penance has not been entirely detailed, his penance for killing his wife and children in a fit of madness conspired by the vengeful queen of heaven, Great Goddess, Hera, wife and sister of mighty Zeus. But hey, the water was gorgeous with good breaks between waves which I tried to body-surf – except for the ones kids screamed, yelled and bellowed out (depending on age), ‘No! No! (scream) Under! Under!’ Gulp. Plunge. Crest high. True fun in the sun.

Expanding Our Brains

Brain work and plunging into the deep with Aristophanes

How many times are we told to Expand Our Brain? Exercise, eat a balanced diet, exercise, eat brightly coloured fruit, leafy greens, walk….. Walk? Not run? Yes, walk, and under right load: small backpack with water, sunscreen and an apple. That’s good for the bones, I’m admonished. But walk? Not run as if training for a marathon, er, even half-marathon as my daughter does. You see, I’m not young. In fact my doc graciously tells me, ‘You have to face it, you’re old.’

Oh, I see. But hey, I can plunge into the ocean and do battle with “cheeky remnants of cyclones” and two days later in “hairy conditions – don’t go beyond waist-deep.” Good God! On Thursday I was bowled out for a six by sand-papered backwashes only thigh high – no hiding in white trousers there. Scrambled to my feet, gamely I plunged through and on dumpers which sent teenagers screaming. Surely that was brain expanding! beyond shrinking in fright! Then I too took flight away from rolling monsters bent on ripping off an arm or my head….. and just in case that expansion was zapped, I munched a bright red apple and read another chapter about Aristophanes Frogs.

PS: and now 2020, my daughter does Ultra-Marathons!

Expanding Our Brains ii    Expanding Our Brains iii Frogs   Expanding Our Brains iv Ken   Time for a Cuppa    Welcome Winter – a Poem!    Spiders Chasing

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