Chili, Grape, Hazelnut Porridge

A recipe from Elizabeth. Quick and easy breakfast hot or cold.

Here’s a quickie breakfast with a kick to start your day:

Empty 2 packets of Rolled Oats “Roasted Hazelnut & Cinnamon” into a microwaveable bowl.

— you can easily prepare your own with traditional rolled oats. I find the packeted stuff too fine. Cooking will take a little longer —

  • Add milk as directed on the packet – I put 50/50 water and milk.
  • Wash, gut and finely chop up chili,
  • Wash large seedless black grapes – I use Midnight Beauty,
  • Add chili and grapes to the porridge bowl.
  • Stir. Cover loosely with baking paper.
  • Microwave for approximately 90 seconds *Follow instructions on the Rolled Oats packet.

This breakfast can be cooked or enjoyed raw.


Parsnip, Blueberries & Salmon

A recipe from Elizabeth

I love parsnips what about you?

For this recipe you will need a parsnip per person, some sliced Chinese cabbage, chopped broccolini, finely-minced hot chillies, fresh salmon, grapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar, slices of purple onion, a slice of lemon for each piece of fish and sprigs of parsley.

Wash all vegetables and fruit.

Peel the parsnip. Cut into slices about a quarter of an inch thick. At the big end of the parsnip I split that down the centre before slicing.

In a heavy based frying pan (mine is cast iron) gently heat the grapeseed oil.

**Be wary: I found grapeseed oil spits so, often I put a lid on the frying pan to calm it. And due to perceived health benefits I cook at medium heat.

To the heated oil add the parsnip stirring regularly to cook evenly.

When nearly cooked make space to add the *salmon.

*If you like your salmon fast-cooked at a higher heat, cook it separately.

When the parsnip is cooked spoon it into a vegetable or eating bowl.

To the frying pan alongside the salmon add the blueberries simply to heat, not cook. Spoon them over the parsnip.

Turn over the salmon. Take care not to overcook it. When done, put on a plate for it to rest.

Stir-fry the Chinese cabbage in the same pan. When nearly cooked add half of the finely minced chillies. When done spoon over the berries.

To the same frying pan add the brocollini and remainder of minced chillies.

When cooked add them to the vegetable bowl. Give them a good stir and put the salmon on top.

Decorate with the onion slices, a twist of lemon and sprig of parsley.

Drozzle balsamic vinegar over the lot to taste.


** Grapeseed Oil vs Olive Oil: Nutrients, Benefits, Downsides

I’d  checked out this site www . healthline.  com   (close gaps when you type that into your browser, doing your own “safety checks”)  to decide this oil or that oil. Both apparently have great health benefits. And of course downsides. You have to make your own balanced decision, eh?!


Quickie Snacks

Four Quickie Snacks for “bring-a-plate”

For morning-tea on our Chess days, we all contribute. Here are some of my offerings:

Walnut Snack

Wash and dry stalks of celery. Cut into 1 or 2 cm lengths, add shelled walnuts.


*Almonds, *Medjool Dates and/or *Pitted Kalamata Olives with cubes of “smooth and spicy Gouda with Cumin”.

Another Walnut one:

Walnut and Turkish Delight

Walnuts, fresh-picked sprigs of Basil, Glace Red and Green Cherries, cubes of Fetta OR Turkish Delight!

Fresh-picked Mint can replace the Basil.

More elaborately:

Chili Caper Tzatziki

To probiotic yoghurt add extremely finely chopped and gutted chili,
finely chopped and squished garlic,
a teaspoon of pickled Capers,
finely chopped cucumber including its skin and
a teeny bit of extra virgin olive oil.
Fold in loosely with a small pinch of ground kelp.
Eat as a snack or lunch with rice wafers, Decorate with coriander.


Quick-fried Fennel, Spring Onion and Capers

Spring Onions are those tall tubular fellas. I let mine grow for years and cut the tubes as required.





Recently I bought a “bulb” of fennel without knowing how to cook it. So, my moves:

wash the bulb and stalks, feathers and all,

finely slice and chop,

fry in grapeseed oil,

stir in grated and partially dried ginger,

finely chopped garlic, slices of capsicum and tomato.

Serve on a bed of baby rocket and beetroot leaves with quick-fried salmon.

yum-yum-yum – delicate aniseed flavour.


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