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As I write A Greek Matinée (manuscript is on the brink of completion – so close now after super-multiple visits, edits, taking onboard comments from my Alpha and Beta-Readers), I keep a list of books I turned to, perhaps to clarify a simple thing, delve deeply into a point of interest (or confusion), or to inform me well of something I knew little. Or purely to enjoy. Now I share this with you and an “eclectic” list of authors I have enjoyed over many years. My father kicked off my reading when I was young with books like Thunderhead, My Friend Flicka, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Moby Dick then books written for considerably older people: Sinuhe the Egyptian, The White Rajah while Mother saw to Little Women, Jo’s Boys, The Robe and so on.

Words and Phrases De-Mystified ♦  Words and Phrases demystified to become second nature to me as a writer… perhaps you too dear reader/writer! An organic List, my reminder of spelling.

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