Jumping with Hoops

Ah ha! she cries for she thinks she’s sussed today these hairy Meta Tags in our ever-changing whizzing world. No need to fall back on her old html language, for here within (no longer secretly recessed), she’s found ready-to-roll slots under settings/writing!: Category and Tag even with a window for Description. ‘Thank you WordPress!’ she shouts to make azure welkin ring as Winter rolls in and Summer’s impetuous seas turn to glass. It’s been rather a journey.

But! How do I get this to sit on another “Page”? Can’t see where a new entry can be lodged.

Ah ha! she cries again. I say, test a leap: Click  Spiders Chasing  or should it be Chasing Spiders?

As for those tags, not sure how they’re working.

Now for a hint,earlier explorations and frogs:

Elizabeth’s Hint: The “Search” field is handy to find the “Expanding Our Brains” entries or any word herein.

As we travel this journey amidst thoughts, scribbles, changing technology and trying to come to terms with Meta Tags (those … “description” content … nor … “keywords” content … are holding in any of my entries – oh yes, once upon a time I wrote html {oh dear!

Before the time of “blogs” so maybe there’s a new element I don’t know about, specific to this}). So here are my seven entries thus far: .. The Journey Begins .. A Greek Matinée is born .. Expanding Our Brains .. Expanding Our Brains ii .. Expanding Our Brains iii Frogs .. Expanding Our Brains iv Ken .. Contemporary Fiction, Genre – a perspective .. All will settle and calm soon I’m sure. So, enough Brain Expanding for today; I’ll settle with a dose of Aristophanes “Frogs” and a mug of coffee laced with chili. How about you?

To test a leap and see more, Click About Me, Books & Things


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