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Poetic utterances or feelings

As I wander this life, thoughts come and go, pencils scatter like leaves in the wind, footprints by the sea and echoes amongst trees.

  Time for a Cuppa    ♦  Storms & Magpies

♦  Welcome Winter – a Poem!

♦  Spiders Chasing

        ♦  Spiders & Butterflies


Anna and Freg, and Saving My Olive in a Gale

♦ Frogs and Things

p44 garden things

♦  A Greek Matinée is born

Poetic utterances or feelings. Spiders and Triffids with sand between my toes.

If you click on “Poetics & Scribbles” under the Categories listing, other utterances and feelings appear as if by magic, like, Asemic Writing and cuneiform

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