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Brain work and plunging into the deep with Aristophanes

 Expanding Our Brains  – bright fruit, leafy greens, walk and Aristophanes

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 Expanding Our Brains iii Frogs Aristophanes Frogs Βάτραχοι. Don’t you just love him? – Brain Food

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and learning to read Egyptian Hieroglyphs or a foreign language particularly with unfamiliar script like Greek, or translating books by Ioana Pârvulescu or Dostoevesky or Ovid!

So where does  Anna and Freg, and Saving My Olive in a Gale fit?

What are you doing to keep those little brain cells jumping?


Expanding Our Brains

Brain work and plunging into the deep with Aristophanes

How many times are we told to Expand Our Brain? Exercise, eat a balanced diet, exercise, eat brightly coloured fruit, leafy greens, walk….. Walk? Not run? Yes, walk, and under right load: small backpack with water, sunscreen and an apple. That’s good for the bones, I’m admonished. But walk? Not run as if training for a marathon, er, even half-marathon as my daughter does. You see, I’m not young. In fact my doc graciously tells me, ‘You have to face it, you’re old.’

Oh, I see. But hey, I can plunge into the ocean and do battle with “cheeky remnants of cyclones” and two days later in “hairy conditions – don’t go beyond waist-deep.” Good God! On Thursday I was bowled out for a six by sand-papered backwashes only thigh high – no hiding in white trousers there. Scrambled to my feet, gamely I plunged through and on dumpers which sent teenagers screaming. Surely that was brain expanding! beyond shrinking in fright! Then I too took flight away from rolling monsters bent on ripping off an arm or my head….. and just in case that expansion was zapped, I munched a bright red apple and read another chapter about Aristophanes Frogs.

PS: and now 2020, my daughter does Ultra-Marathons!

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And what about trying this yummy-fluffy: Recipe Moussaka


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