Chili, Grape, Hazelnut Porridge

A recipe from Elizabeth. Quick and easy breakfast hot or cold.

Here’s a quickie breakfast with a kick to start your day:

Empty 2 packets of Rolled Oats “Roasted Hazelnut & Cinnamon” into a microwaveable bowl.

— you can easily prepare your own with traditional rolled oats. I find the packeted stuff too fine. Cooking will take a little longer —

  • Add milk as directed on the packet – I put 50/50 water and milk.
  • Wash, gut and finely chop up chili,
  • Wash large seedless black grapes – I use Midnight Beauty,
  • Add chili and grapes to the porridge bowl.
  • Stir. Cover loosely with baking paper.
  • Microwave for approximately 90 seconds *Follow instructions on the Rolled Oats packet.

This breakfast can be cooked or enjoyed raw.




Recently I bought a “bulb” of fennel without knowing how to cook it. So, my moves:

wash the bulb and stalks, feathers and all,

finely slice and chop,

fry in grapeseed oil,

stir in grated and partially dried ginger,

finely chopped garlic, slices of capsicum and tomato.

Serve on a bed of baby rocket and beetroot leaves with quick-fried salmon.

yum-yum-yum – delicate aniseed flavour.


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