Quickie Snacks

Four Quickie Snacks for “bring-a-plate”

For morning-tea on our Chess days, we all contribute. Here are some of my offerings:

Walnut Snack

Wash and dry stalks of celery. Cut into 1 or 2 cm lengths, add shelled walnuts.


*Almonds, *Medjool Dates and/or *Pitted Kalamata Olives with cubes of “smooth and spicy Gouda with Cumin”.

Another Walnut one:

Walnut and Turkish Delight

Walnuts, fresh-picked sprigs of Basil, Glace Red and Green Cherries, cubes of Fetta OR Turkish Delight!

Fresh-picked Mint can replace the Basil.

More elaborately:

Chili Caper Tzatziki

To probiotic yoghurt add extremely finely chopped and gutted chili,
finely chopped and squished garlic,
a teaspoon of pickled Capers,
finely chopped cucumber including its skin and
a teeny bit of extra virgin olive oil.
Fold in loosely with a small pinch of ground kelp.
Eat as a snack or lunch with rice wafers, Decorate with coriander.


Quick-fried Fennel, Spring Onion and Capers

Spring Onions are those tall tubular fellas. I let mine grow for years and cut the tubes as required.



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