Wind, Dreams & Butterflies

Oh, my mind, my mind, takes me on adventures I want to share with you. Tales entwined with now & yesterday


p 78 1 Butterfly in Murraya

Joyous day! A visitor flew in and saw me,
Flew round my head, sought out my murraya tree;
Brave butterfly, delicate of wing, dancing with the wind,
Teased by the tail of another cyclone while
Hidden in my jungle fat green frogs croaked.


p 78 2 Wind and Dreams 500

Wind & Dreams

How lovely to sit with a cuppa on my day-bed, cool, after so many disgustingly hot humid days, watch the wind play in the garden, flap blinds. It’s like watching the ocean.

Memories swim with the sounds of the blinds thumping, snapping this way, that; sounds my sail made as I turned a wild gybe, tacked this way and that careering through boisterous weekends with children and friends.

Oh, how lovely the wind. Unbelievably yesterday I put on a pullover. I’d not worn one for years at this time of year but the drop to 25° is quite chilly for me.

I sit by my window and dream of places and people I once knew. And others soon I hope to see in far-off places across the sea.

Oh, my mind, my mind, takes me on adventures I want to share with you. Tales entwined with now and yesterday. My bag is nearly packed. What about yours?


Did you like my funny little proses? How did they make you feel?

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Heavy Reading & Marshmallow

The Devil has all the best tricks

Today I was told I do some heavy reading. That made me pause. I suppose I do. Well, just look at the stuff in previous posts. But also I do marshmallow, as my daughter calls it and heaps between.

books heavy 400

This slither represents some of my books in the dining room. In the lounge and my “library” many, many more march on long shelves while others sprout up in stacks here and there.

Some of my favourite reads are Delia Owens Where the Crawdads Sing which made me cry, The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years by Chingiz Aitmatov, of course Ioana Pârvulescu‘s Life Begins on Friday, Ovid’s Tristia and Ex Ponto… Oh gosh, I could go on. But, if I were relegated to a deserted island, these four books I would smuggle with me. I wonder if I could also slip in Péter Esterházy‘s books and Fyodor Dostoevsky‘s? I’d need several trunks me thinks.

Ahead of me I have heaps of reading recommended by several people who have kindly left comments (Thank You again) and from my own list. At present it’s a battle with reading, writing and pulling out weeds from my garden as heat and humidity make them think they should turn my yard into an impregnable jungle! The sea is too rough to even walk along the beach today.

Did I mention before Jack Faust (The Devil has all the best tricks…) by Michael Swanwick. As William Gibson says it’s “Madly ambitious and brilliantly executed, recasting the entire history of science in a wholly original version of our culture’s central myth of knowledge, power, and sorrow.”


Site Updates 2021 2020

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2021 November 02: Rain (New) A poem as rain fell and a baby huddled on a frond inches from the sodden ground. “The Manuscript” Tattlings (Updated)

2021 October late: Me & Books (Updated), Asemic Writing in Wet Sands (New), Eclectic Readings from My Stash (which is under construction but does have some Button-Jumps to several authors including Peter Esterhazy (New), Anstey Harris, Di Morrissey, Kayte Nunn, Jodi Picoult. And, perhaps sussed, how Smart-Phone users and non-WordPress visitors can become a Follower with ease: Go to page In Wet Sands – Ebbs and Flows and scroll down to the pink form and you should be able to “sign in” through your familiar platform 🙂 Welcome! Give it a whirl!

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2021 October 11 Asemic Writing   Asemic writing written by trees, the wind, seaweed on the sand, termites and me. (New) Thanks bluebrightly for the word! I’d not known my “writing” and squiggles in my art had a name 🙂  And Thanks to The Metropolitan Museum of Art –  for the five pics of cuneiform writing 🙂

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2021 September 27  My Genre (Update with pics and jump for the fabulous bookstore in Romania – at their site, scroll down for heaps of pics of the restored building). Now I’m off for more editing of my manuscript – I’m honing in on Chapter 23 Guilt and Honour.

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2021 September 24  Books 21+ (new) **  Book Encounters tickled.


2021 September 18  Poetics …. now I’m off to tend garden, body and that ms!

2021 September 17  Book Encounters  **  Fennel   A quick easy recipe. Great either hot or cold.

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2020 May 01 Page (child of Art Endeavours): Seas to Red Centre 19plusOne : Painting Explorations From the Sea to the Red Centre amongst Trees and Creatures. Turtles, Fish, Crabs, Forests, Plains, Mountains, skeletons and saints, tigers and snake.

2020 April 07 Post: My Genre

2020 March 31 Post for My Garden: Golden Orb-Weaver & Jumping Spider and,  Some Books I’ve Read This Year 2020 up to March 31  which includes books currently I’m reading.

2020 March 08 New Page: Some Books I’ve Read This Year 2020

2020 February 25 Updated: Words and Phrases regarding BC/AD vs BCE/CE, retaining historically used characters BC / AD which now can be interpreted:  Backwards Counting / Advancing Date means databases remain unscathed.

books selection

2020 February 23 New Page Eclectic Collection: Books, Authors, Words & Phrases which is parent of:


Eclectic Collection of Authors

Apart from Ancient Writers, Poets, Mythographers, Philosophers, Historians, here’s a sprinkling of authors I’ve enjoyed prior to 2020

Fortification of my Writing Soul comes from many sources, notably family, friends, lecturers, well-known and not so well-known authors who swept me into intriguing worlds.

(Here’s a link to Some Books and Stuff I have Pored over for A Greek Matinée which consists mainly of reference books.)

The list below, in no particular order, is mainly of Novelists I’ve enjoyed:

Marion Bradley Gabriel Garcia Márquez
Colin da Silva Nancy Cato
Kris Waldherr Paul Coelho
Mia Couto Orhan Pamuk
Freya Stark Marco Polo
Gertrude Bell Geraldine Brooks
Virginia Woolf Michael Korda
Vita Sackville-West Ken Follett
Adrienne Mayor (“The Amazons”) Wilbur Smith
Margaret Atwood Robert Skimin
Margaret Drabble Robert Shea
Maya Lunde Paul Scott
Rumer Godden Bryce Courtenay
Christian Cameron Derek Lambert
Harry Sidebottom Susanna Tamaro
Umburto Eco Lucia St.Clair Robson
Rafik Schami James A. Michiner
Michael Swanwick George MacDonald Fraser
Agatha Christie M.G. Vassanji
Arundhati Roy Miguel de Cervantes
Salman Rushdie Péter Esterházy (translated from Hungarian)

…and dozens more including Mary O’Hara, Leslie Rees, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Herman Melville who started my love of books supported by my father who gave the-then-twelve-year-old me, “Sinuhe The Egyptian” by Mika Waltari translated into English by N.Walford, my first “grown-up’s book” to read.

Did you see the books I received for Christmas? Here’s the link About Me, Books & Things then scroll down. Alternatively, here they be:

Books for AGM 2 4B

Have you read any of these?


Expanding Our Brains iii Frogs

Aristophanes Frogs Βάτραχοι. Don’t you just love him? A daily dose of his wit and humour, and trying to digest Kenneth Dover’s commentary on his lines surely is Brain-Expanding – especially taking in explanations and finer points of some translations. I’ve tried to learn to read Ancient Greek but a mighty big brain expansion has to manifest for me to do so with any fluidity. So it’s back into the ocean I’ll go and eat apples, oranges and choy sum. And my Brain Food: bananas.

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